Title sequence for the Disney series 'Randy Cunnigham 9th Grade Ninja' produced by Passion Pictures in 2012. Stephane Coedel and Kevin Dart directed, I animated along with Stephen Vuillemin and Alessandra Sorrentino. The sequence won a Silver BassAward for best Opening sequence for a TV series 2013.




I worked on and off on 'The Amazing World of Gumball' series at Cartoon Network between 2009-2011. Here is just a small selection of some of the 2d animation I provided for season 1 & 2, and some of the promotional videos.




A promo for Chris Garbutt's 'Pinky Malinky' I worked on at Cartoon Network in 2011. I have indicated the scenes I animated with a small square at the top left of the screen.




A selection of scenes I animated for the pilot episode of Chris Garbutt's 'Pinky Malinky' at the Cartoon Network Development Studio in 2009.



I animated these two Christmas idents for the BBC at Strange Beast TV in 2013.




A selection of un-comped scenes I animated at the Cartoon Network development studio Europe for Dave Needham's short 'Elliot's Zoo' in 2009.



A series of ads I animated at BE Animation studio for the Hospital for Special Surgery in 2010.



 A commercial I directed and animated an BE Animation studio in 2007 for Optimum.



I produced these animations for the Ben 10 'Mouth Off' iPhone app at Cartoon Network in 2009. Users hold the phone to their mouths with the screen facing outwards, and the animation reacts to the users voice.



This was a little Christmas greeting I did for family and friends in 2006. Strangely, not all were grateful...



I produced this animation back in 2005 whilst teaching myself Adobe Flash from a book, and trying to get to grips with symbols and shapes. I was thrilled when it was picked up by MTV Base and used as an ident for a short period of time, although I was asked to change the machine gun to a laser gun to make it a little morepalatable for general viewing.



This was my second robot animation made in Flash. It was another exercise in symbols and shapes but with a far more dynamic feel using suggested camera moves.



In my 3rd robot animation (2006) I was getting to grips with FX animation and camera moves within Flash. Towards the end of animating this sequence Flash was certainly struggling, and had slowed down vastly during playback. I think I got close to it's processing limits with this one. I used this sequence as a promotional piece on my first Flash showreel.